Word In A Week
to 7 Sep.

Word In A Week

Bible Proclamation

This is an exciting part of our 25 year church celebrations. From Monday Sept 2 to Saturday Sept 7, 8am – 8pm each day,  we will take it in turns to publicly read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Please put your name down for as many places as you can and then come into 101 and tag team with others as we speak the truth of God’s word over our community. Or come and pray and sit under the reading of the Word at any time throughout the week. Then let’s all join together in the last hour (Sat 7-8pm) to hear the book of Revelation read, and conclude with worship and prayer. This will be powerful and prophetic, so don’t miss out. Click the link here to add your name to the schedule.

8am - 8pm:
Mon Sept 2
Tue Sept 3
Wed Sept 4
Thur Sept 5
Fri Sept 6
Sat Sept 7 - Everyone invited at 7pm for worship and prayer

Add yourself to the schedule by clicking here.

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Mark Kelsey - Guest Preacher
10:00 am10:00

Mark Kelsey - Guest Preacher

Mark Kelsey is the C3 Global Growth Minister alongside his wife Bernadette. Mark inspires momentum in achieving our 2020 Global vision, travelling frequently to encourage churches in their mission and support pastors in their ministry. Preaching extensively at churches and conferences around the world, Mark is an experienced pastor, gifted communicator and remarkable teacher, full of wisdom and great humour.

Mark and Bernie, with three young kids in tow, planted the very first C3 Church in the USA in Long Island, New York. They lead this church for 9 years and built a growing and vibrant church before returning back at C3 Church Oxford Falls, Sydney where they started the School of Church Planting and also led as Executive Pastors at the Oxford Falls Campus.

Mark believes in the local church ….. your local church. He is passionate about seeing every church realise its potential and released into its God-given destiny. “God’s plan is the local church, not a crusade or a ministry, but a local body of believers, living and breathing the love of God in our cities”.

Bernie has also been very involved in the Everywoman Ministry & Everywoman Conference for C3 Church Sydney alongside Ps Chris Pringle.

We look forward to hearing from this C3 power-couple at our 10am service on Sunday, 2nd of July.

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